errors with object or variable not set on certain spf records that use exists:


For instance
"v=spf1 exists:CL.%{i}.FR.%{s}.HE.%{h}._spf.imperial.ac.uk mx ptr:ic.ac.uk ?all"
"v=spf1 exists:%{ir}.nets.messagelabs.com"
This is with the latest version and using vb.net
All other SPF records seem to work fine.
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Cannot reproduce


eddy_minet wrote Jul 12, 2010 at 3:34 PM

Please can you post the resulting log (set enablelogging to true and obtain checklog from the checker instance) ?

Here is what I obtain with your samples.
IP =, sender = somebody@exp.example.net and somebody@exp2.example.net :

record found : v=spf1 exists:CL.%{i}.FR.%{s}.HE.%{h}._spf.imperial.ac.uk mx ptr:ic.ac.uk ?all
prossessing : +Exists:CL.%{i}.FR.%{s}.HE.%{h}._spf.imperial.ac.uk
Expanded to : CL. record found : v=spf1 exists:%{ir}.nets.messagelabs.com
prossessing : +Exists:%{ir}.nets.messagelabs.com
Expanded to :

So it seems to work correctly ...

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